Finger licking good food. That is what foodies want. Lucky for you, that’s what we’ve got. The Food Department has partnered with one of Amsterdam’s finest concepts, to make sure we can offer you exactly that. The locals have been a fan of this single dish restaurant for years. This is the spot where you can get great chicken, chicken and even better, more chicken. And now, Magna Plaza will host their 4th location.

Van ‘t Spit is an Amsterdam based concept that specializes in grilled chicken. The best thing about these beauties is that they are all ecological. Having led a happy life, they are prepared with the utmost care, flavour and love for the product. And no worries, they also serve some great sides to add to the meal. Combine that with homemade sauces and marinades and you’ve got yourself a great experience. It doesn’t matter if you prefer wings, drumsticks or chicken breast, because you get it all. A chicken covered in herbs and spices, with that hint of charcoal flavour… what is there left to dub about? Well, other than deciding whether you are going to order a half or a whole one.



When taking a seat at this stand it’s going to be hard to pick the view. Will you look at your chicken spinning to a golden crisp on the rotisserie? Or will you be looking at the famous Dam Square and all its visitors. Your choice, your experience, our pleasure.


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2nd Floor Magna Plaza
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 182
1012 SJ Amsterdam

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Mon-Thu   12:00-20:00

Fri-Sun      12:00-21:00

Stands have different opening times. For more info check here.