tacos and tequila

If anything defines a food hall, it is the abundance of rich, tasty, easy-to-eat finger food. Imagine small bites carrying their weight by delivering smashing flavours, all in the light of Modern Mexican food. Luckily you don’t have to imagine, all you have to do is visit our latest kiosk. A great catch for The Food Department and a wonderful opportunity for all guests to get acquainted with original Mexican flavors innovated with subtle new hints and variations.

Tacos and Tequila makes the best tacos in town with their modern approach to the authentic Mexican cuisine. After travelling the world, the men behind this exciting concept have discovered the Mexican kitchen on a whole new level. Experimenting with traditional recipes, they appeal to the known pallet. But best of all, they combine these flavors with surprisingly fun and trendy ingredients. The foundation is based on elaborate fillings followed by genuine tortillas and salsas; but the subtle variations add an unquestionable dimension.



With their love for tacos came the love for tequila. A match made in heaven. Or even better, a match made in our food hall. Grab a taco at their stand and a tequila at one of the bars and immerse yourself in South American spheres.

Providing these extra elements of creativity in their favorite cuisine, the guys decided to start their own place with the best tacos in town. The town is Amsterdam, the location is The Food Department, the experience is yours and the pleasure is theirs.


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2nd Floor Magna Plaza
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 182
1012 SJ Amsterdam

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Mon-Thu   12:00-20:00

Fri-Sun      12:00-21:00

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