In The Food Department we’re all for comfort food. That is why we are very excited to house a new Asian concept in one of our food stands. It is comfort, spices and authentic Chinese goodness, all wrapped into bowls and crepes. Does that sound good to you? It really did to us, we had to have it in our food hall!

China Supreme is a shining star when it comes to freshly thrown noodles enriched with the flavours of different Chinese regions. You are going to want to slurp away at these bowls of Chinese noodles, and you are not going to want to quit. However, the experience doesn’t stop there. China also meets your senses in the form of Beijing style Jian Bing. A crepe filled with savoury ingredients, which might be surprising to some. It serves you well as breakfast, as lunch, as snack, as a starter… anytime actually.



Not only can you find the bowls and crepes on every corner in Beijing, it’s already a big hype in the USA. The man behind this great concept is born and raised in the fine streets of Amsterdam, a city where he has been able to learn all the tricks of the hospitality industry. If anything, this experience has taught him how to take innovating food and serve it to the public in the tastiest way possible.

Time for the guests of The Food Department to get a taste! So take a seat, order one of these Chinese crepes and watch your dish take shape within minutes on the sizzling crepe maker. Or dive right into one of those bowls, head first, slurping it all in. And no worries, at this stand you are allowed to do so.





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